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A Simple Buyers Guide

The Basics

Riding an ebike is a whole new level of fun. The added boost and enjoyment you get from riding an electric bike is changing how people think about getting around town and out on the trail. Most major bike brands now offer electric assist models and we have vetted most of them all to bring you the best options.

  • Pedal assist ebikes use two styles of motors: a hub-drive located in the rear wheel, or mid-drive located at the crankset. 

  • Mid-drive motors provide assistance while you pedal and use the bike’s chain and gears to provide an assisted experience more like riding a non-electric bike. 

  • Hub-drive motors are often more affordable, and don’t add any extra strain to your chain or gears.

  • Ebikes are heavier than non-electric bikes. The battery and motor can add 15 pounds or more to the bike. To support the added weight, ebikes typically have heavier frames and wheels with wider tires. Ebikes can weigh 50 to 65 pounds or more. Some models that are designed to provide a less-powerful assist in exchange for lighter weight, such as the Specialized Turbo Creo SL, can weigh as little as 28 pounds.

  • Bikes that provide more assistance are heavier because their batteries are larger to provide longer ride time.

  • Chargers are included. Ebike batteries can be charged on the bike and some can be removed for charging. If the battery cannot be removed for charging, make sure you have access to an outlet where you park the bike. Ebike chargers plug into ordinary 120 volt AC household outlets. Charge times of 4 to 6 hours for a full charge are typical.

Things to Consider

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the technical information about electric bikes. In an effort to simplify your search, here is our list of things you should consider when buying an ebike.

  • Look for reputable bike, battery, and motor brands. Reputable brands have a history in their industries and build reliable products. 
  • How experienced is the Service Department? Ebikes have unique components that require mechanic training and specific inventory to service.
  • How to estimate battery range. Factors like hills, tire pressure, rider effort, and wind can affect an ebike's range. Generally, the models we carry can travel a range of 20-80 miles.

Ebikes are just one way to make your life easier while commuting, grabbing coffee, or exploring off-road. Visit our Belmont store to see what all the buzz is about.

Our Belmont Shop Is All Electric

Test ride e-bikes inside and outside with our knowledgeable staff! We have one of Portland's largest selections that ranges from city to trail and qualified e-bike mechanics to help you maintain your investment for years to come.