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Precision Fuel and Hydration was founded by Andy Blow to help athletes understand and manage their individual hydration needs. Precision Hydration came to the realization that hydration is not a one size fits all scenario; that because of genetics, we all secrete different volumes of sodium in our sweat. They’ve developed electrolyte drink mixes tailored to different sodium concentrations, so that no matter how you sweat you can make an effective hydration plan. They’ve also expanded to carbohydrate gels, chews, and drink mixes so that you can create a plan for fuel and hydration in tandem with one another.

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Electrolyte Volumes

Precision Hydration comes in different electrolyte concentrations, meaning that regardless of how you sweat there is a specific electrolyte mix for you.

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Neutral Flavor Profile

Precision Fuel and Hydration know that taste is subjective. Instead of making "ok" flavors; they offer a single, mild citrus flavor that's easy to put down no matter how hard you're working.

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Carbohydrate Fueling

Precision Fuel has developed carbohydrate gels, chews, and mixes to help you create a well rounded refueling plan. 

The Science of Your Sweat

There are two ways to find out which electrolyte strength you need. For a rough estimate; you can use the online sweat test on Precision Hydration's website. For those looking for optimal performance, we offer an advanced sweat test with our fitter, Jacob. The advanced sweat test happens at rest, as a solution is put onto the skin to stimulate your sweat glands. Jacob can also give you great insight on how best to use the information at your disposal. The advanced sweat test only ever needs to be done once, and you're set for life!

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