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Respect the past. Create the future. Believe in your own way.

Maloja is not just a name, it’s a way of life.

It’s the feeling of wanting to share beautiful moments with friends thus making those moments even more perfect. The desire never to give up being curious about the many things life still has in store for you. The understanding that it doesn’t take much to discover special things but merely enough courage to leave the beaten path and take a risk on something new. This Maloja feeling was discovered in one life changing experience that keeps us invigorated today. This is the way it all began. Learn More

Respect And Care For Your Natural Environment


'Soul in the woods' was the inspiration for our first collection and became a mantra for all that we do.

GOING OUR OWN WAY - The Maloja Story

To mark Maloja’s 15th birthday, the brand’s two founders and CEOs share the story of how their journey has been, where it’s taken them, and why passion is the driving force behind the brand. Learn More


Our Environmental Standards

We made the conscious decision to partner with Swiss Bluesign Technologies AG in 2010 to meet our responsibility standard goals for the betterment of mankind and our environment. Learn More