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Project 529 Bicycle Registration Kit
$10.00 - $25.00
Shield Your Bike The 529 Shield's unique ID makes it easy to contact you if your bike is recovered. Register. Report. Recover! Keep your bikes safe in the 529 Garage the largest community-powered bike recovery service.
Kryptonite Keeper 585 Fold
- 3mm hardened steel links for moderate security lockups - Includes easy-to-install transport bracket - Includes 2 keys - Key Safe Program - Product dimensions: Length 85cm - Product weight: 1.70 lbs
Hexlox Key
Key for your Hexlox anti-theft device. Each key is coded to work with a specific set of Hexlox pieces.
Hexlox Single
Hexlox Technical + Selection Info This is a Hexlox Important The Hexlox Key is NOT universal! All of the Hexlox and Keys in your order work together with the same 3 digit Code. Only with your unique coded Key can your Hexlox be removed Hexlox insert into your existing HEX BOLTS - - - - - - A HEX BOLT has 6 sides: - and is tightened by a regular Hex Tool / Allen Key / Socket wrench - - - - Section 2 Hexlox come in 5 Sizes: - To go direct to order Singles: #4mm, #5mm #6mm #8mm and soon 10mm - - For Stainless Steel and NON magnetic HEX BOLTs, swap the bolt or use the Hexlox MI WARNING - Some Stainless Steel Bolts are slightly magnetic. These need to be swapped or the Hexlox MI used. Section 3 Hardware If the part you want to secure does NOT have a HEX BOLT Swap your Quick Release or Nut with our HEX BOLTs - - Selector Image A-E - - - Wheels For wheelswith Quick Release: swap for HexSkewers HexSkewers Assembly instructions - - - For wheels with Nuts: swap for HexNuts - - For wheels with Thru Axle Swap for ThruAxle For wheels with Bolt On These can be secured as is, or use our security head (Pan) Bolts - - Saddle For Quick Release and all other Seat-Post Bolts: swap for Universal Seat-Post Bolt - - - For 'Candle Stick' or 'Guts Clamp' seat-posts... ... use our Guts M8 bolt - - - - Section 3.E STEM / FORK Securing your stem will also protect your fork, front wheel and handelbar. Secure your stem via Bolt B (only use Bolt A if it is MAGNETIC) - - If your HEX BOLT is not recessed, the outside could be loosened with pliers. Check this and use our Hardware or a Pan Head bolt where necessary. - - - - With 5 Hexlox you can secure 6+ parts on your bike. Add more Hexlox to secure your handlebar, derailleur, lights, brakes, bell, shifters...... any part on your bike!
Delta Axlerodz Bolt-On Skewers
- Extra security against theft - 5mm hex CrMo axle
Delta Hublox Anti Theft Bolt-On Skewers
- Lock and unlock with special key - Lightweight aluminum key is easy to carry - Anti-rust CrMo axle, stainless steel springs
ABUS Bordo Lite Mini 6055
-5 mm bars with a core of light steel and synthetic coating to prevent damage to the bicycle‘s paintwork -The bars and the lock body are made of particularly light materials and ferrous alloy -Bars are linked with special rivets -Premium automatic cylinder -The Bordo Lite Mini fits perfectly into jersey pocket
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