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Hexlox Key
Key for your Hexlox anti-theft device. Each key is coded to work with a specific set of Hexlox pieces.
Hexlox Single
Hexlox Technical + Selection Info This is a Hexlox Important The Hexlox Key is NOT universal! All of the Hexlox and Keys in your order work together with the same 3 digit Code. Only with your unique coded Key can your Hexlox be removed Hexlox insert into your existing HEX BOLTS - - - - - - A HEX BOLT has 6 sides: - and is tightened by a regular Hex Tool / Allen Key / Socket wrench - - - - Section 2 Hexlox come in 5 Sizes: - To go direct to order Singles: #4mm, #5mm #6mm #8mm and soon 10mm - - For Stainless Steel and NON magnetic HEX BOLTs, swap the bolt or use the Hexlox MI WARNING - Some Stainless Steel Bolts are slightly magnetic. These need to be swapped or the Hexlox MI used. Section 3 Hardware If the part you want to secure does NOT have a HEX BOLT Swap your Quick Release or Nut with our HEX BOLTs - - Selector Image A-E - - - Wheels For wheelswith Quick Release: swap for HexSkewers HexSkewers Assembly instructions - - - For wheels with Nuts: swap for HexNuts - - For wheels with Thru Axle Swap for ThruAxle For wheels with Bolt On These can be secured as is, or use our security head (Pan) Bolts - - Saddle For Quick Release and all other Seat-Post Bolts: swap for Universal Seat-Post Bolt - - - For 'Candle Stick' or 'Guts Clamp' seat-posts... ... use our Guts M8 bolt - - - - Section 3.E STEM / FORK Securing your stem will also protect your fork, front wheel and handelbar. Secure your stem via Bolt B (only use Bolt A if it is MAGNETIC) - - If your HEX BOLT is not recessed, the outside could be loosened with pliers. Check this and use our Hardware or a Pan Head bolt where necessary. - - - - With 5 Hexlox you can secure 6+ parts on your bike. Add more Hexlox to secure your handlebar, derailleur, lights, brakes, bell, shifters...... any part on your bike!
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