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Adventure Maps, Inc. started in 1993 with the design and production of its first mountain biking map for Central Oregon. Since that time we have worked hard to develop better map styles and incorporate the latest mapping techniques and technologies so that our products continue to improve and our customers remain loyal. Our goal is to produce the most accurate and easy to use trail maps available at a good value. We feel that a good map should be worthy of hanging on a wall as art. We print our maps on Polyart or HopSyn which, as plastics, are waterproof and tear-resistant. Our goal is to revise and re-print each of our maps at a 3 year or less intervals. This allows us to keep our maps very up-to-date with the latest trail changes and graphic enhancements. All of our maps employ the knowledge of local outdoor enthusiasts. We pride ourselves in the level of detail and accuracy of our maps and have found the best way to achieve this by working with local bikers and hikers to gather field data. We also partner closely with the appropriate land managers and trail user groups to verify the accuracy of our maps and ensure that we are showing only the approved and legal trail systems. The typical production schedule of one of our maps involves at least a year of field research for checking and verifying ground conditions. *** ALL MAPS THAT WE STOCK ARE WATERPROOF & FOLDED***
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