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Reflective Items

ULTRA CYCLE Reflective Pant Strap, Single
Arm or leg Velcro closure Visible from up to 500' One size fits most
Sunlite Reflective Leg Bands
Sunlite's Reflective Leg Bands keep your pant cuffs out of the way while acting as a reflector. They give you 360 degrees of visibility.
Sunlite SpokeBeads
• Colorful • Slides on spokes • 36 beads per card • 6 pieces each of 6 colors
Sunlite Safety Flag
• Double-sided, high-visibility material • Safety orange triangle flag • Axle mount design
Jandd Leg Band
For the serious commuter, nothing beats the Jandd Ankle Strap. - Made from 1.5" hook-and-loop material - Meets SCUBA industry wet-strength requirements
Burley Flag Kit
Replacement safety flag for extra visibility.
Aardvark Reflective Triangle Yield Symbol
Aardvark Reflective Triangle Yield Symbol 7x7" with Velcro Strap. Attach this reflective yield symbol to bikes clothing or cargo with Velcro straps.
Aardvark Deluxe Reflective Vest
Aardvark Deluxe Reflective Vest make you visible for day or night riding.
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