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Oakley ARO3 Helmet
$100.00 - $180.00
Engineered for those unforgiving climbs and blistering heat, ARO3 is built with optimized ventilation to help keep you cool. - EYEWEAR DOCK: Integrated eyewear dock to securely stow your shades and keep them handy for quick and easy access. - BOA® 360 FIT SYSTEM: With its soft textile feel and flexibility, the TX1 Lace lies flat against your head, allowing for seamless eyewear compatibility. - X-STATIC® BROW PADDING: X-Static® harnesses the power of silver to create a powerful technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria on fabric, eliminating odor for the life of the product. Also ships with secondary set of pads. - MIPS® INTEGRATION: The MIPS® Brain Protection System is a helmet integrated, low friction layer designed to reduce rotational motion transferred to the brain during an impact. - Helmet Travel Bag and Oakley Decal Included - Small (52-56cm) / Medium (54-58cm) / Large (56-60cm) - CPSC 1203, EN1078 and ANZ2063 Certifications
Oakley ARO3 Helmet - Neon Orange
The future of fast. The Oakley ARO3 Cycling Helmet is a lightweight, MIPS-equipped lid focused on cooling and ventilation, even if you’re not rocking high miles per hour. Perfect for climbing at lighting speed. Features the Boa FS1-1 dial, which adjusts a super-thin lace inside the helmet to reduce pressure on the rider's temple. An X-STATIC® brow pad contains anti-microbial silver to prevent the growth of bacteria and eliminate odor. The ARO line of cycling helmets provide the highest level of protection, comfort and appearance. - MIPS® system - BOA® FS1-1 360-degree fit system - EPS protective foam - Optimised ventilation - X-STATIC® brow pad - Integrated eyewear dock
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