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A.T.B. Absolutely The Best (ATB) Chain Lube

A.T.B. Absolutely The Best (ATB) Chain Lube
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Most commercial chain lubricants are too thick and too sticky to function properly as a bicycle chain lubricant. Dust and dirt collect on the sticky lubricants and create an abrasive condition which quickly wears out the chain, the chain rings, and sprockets.

A.T.B. Chain lubricant was blended with the least oily, least sticky extreme pressure and friction reducing compound available. A very special blended petroleum distillate carrier (which has lubricating qualities as well) was used as the carrier for the extreme pressure compound. In addition to the two proprietary compounds, a premium grade lubricating oil with very high load carrying capability was added to extend the service life and create a light rust preventative film. A special wicking agent has been blended in to allow the deep penetrating action required.

Part Numbers

Option MPN Store SKU
Red Cap - Medium Weight for General Conditions #2 Red 210000026594
Blue Cap - Heavy Weight for Wet/Muddy Conditions #3 Blue 210000059768