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ABUS Ultra 410 Mini U-Lock 7"x12mm, Black w/ Cable (4'x10mm)

ABUS Ultra 410 Mini U-Lock 7"x12mm, Black w/ Cable (4'x10mm)
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We don't recommend you lock up your bike with anything other than a u-lock and ABUS, the venerable German lock making company that has been engineering high-quality locks for over 90 years, has come out with a new line of u-locks that has got us excited.

The new ABUS 410 series of locks boasts the ABUS quality at a competitive price point. The Ultra 410 U-Lock Mini has a strong and aggressive design, with a 12mm double-bolting, hardened steel shackle, a double layer wafer key cylinder, and clever decoy cut-outs to foil picking. Translation: It's a tough, everyday lock built to withstand tampering and cutting.

Anyone who has ever been annoyed by the difficulty of opening some key entry u-locks will be happy with this lock's simple to use, a reversible key that pops the lock body off with ease.

This lock is 5" long and 3.1" wide. Its mini size is perfect for slipping into a larger back pocket or carrying, hipster-style through a larger belt loop. If using this lock on a PUBLIC Bike, we recommend employing the rear triangle method of locking.


Part Numbers

655043414231 810626 210000123031