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Busch & Muller Secula Plus Fender Mount

Busch & Muller Secula Plus Fender Mount
This item is currently not available.


The Secula Plus is a clean and simple dynamo rear light that gets the job done very nicely. The LineTec optics create a circle of light around the center reflector with just one superbright LED bulb. The combination of reflector and LED light will be sure to catch the eye of drivers behind or at your side.
- Bright, wide projection
- Compatible with all front dynamo lights
- Built-in Standlight

NOTE: This light must be wired to a front light, and should not be run directly off a dynamo hub. The Secula Plus has a pair of 2" wire stubs with 2.8mm male connectors. The wire that runs to the front light is not included (typically this wire is included with FRONT dynamo lights).