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EVT Safe Zone Helmet Mirror

EVT Safe Zone Helmet Mirror
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Wait, I thought EVT made tools? We designed our only accessory product as an industrial-grade tool that reliably provides mega information and greater awareness for cyclists.

Stop over thinking this. You're looking at one that is 3.5x the cost of your last one - because the last one(s) didn't work. The thin wire ones vibrate. The mirrors are unclear. Small sizes requires too much location of the mirror, then focusing and positioning, all while moving. Sound familiar? This one solves it all. Easily positions, no vibration, clear optical reflection and the large size makes it intuitive. Glance left and you instantly can process the view behind you. No searching, focusing, thinking. You've seen it all.

Huge 2 & 1/4" mirror provides safest view of what's behind you

VERY sturdy construction. Does not vibrate. Stays in Place!

Linked arm is easy to adjust, and holds position

100% U.S.A. Made from high quality materials

Installation help and 5 year "No-Fault" warranty from manufacturer.

Guaranteed to fit nearly every helmet.

Part Numbers

736211804617 210000057862