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We're here to share riding experiences, gear insights, practical tips, and the occasional laugh. Whether you're a seasoned rider or just starting out, we'd love to hear what you're interested in reading. 

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Staff at the Heart of It

December 2023 - Perhaps you’ve noticed–and hopefully you appreciate–our media team’s focus on our staff? Well…what can we say?! Our staff are the heart of River City Bicycles and sharing their awesomeness with you all makes our jobs FUN! Our latest Gift Guide shoot was an entertaining break from the usual to capture some of the team’s personalities and share the products they love. Clearly, they all enjoyed it too and we’re grateful they let us interrupt their work days. Check out these lovable mugs...

The Road Ahead with Dave Guettler

October 2023 - This summer has been a powerful lesson in resilience and persistence. At the start of June, a pickup truck that ran a red light hit and pitched me 25 feet onto the street. I suffered multiple fractures, including ribs, shoulder, and pelvis, and sustained head injuries. Physically, I was fortunate to heal relatively quickly without requiring surgery. Mental recovery, however, has been much more challenging. Read More...

Top Fall Gear Picks

October 2023 - We asked a few of our in-store experts what gear they're excited about heading into fall. They happily suggested a few key items that are in stock right now that can make a difference in your fall and winter riding - We look at some base layers and outerwear suggestions from our clothing buyer, Dani Dance. Clinton Ellinger, our parts and accessories specialist gives us his picks for new lighting options. Read More...

Winterize Your Ride

October 2023 - We talked to Mike Muzik, a seasoned service department expert with 28 years of experience, 22 of which were at River City. He's knows a thing or two about tuning bikes for year-round riding. Read More...

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Rubber To The Road


Discover the Best Bicycle Routes in the Portland, Oregon Area: Explore our curated collection of favorite rides, complete with all the essential details to ensure you're ready to embark on a proven new route. Read More...