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Take the guesswork out of fuel & hydration.

Discover the key to unlocking your peak performance with a Precision Sweat Test. This tailored approach utilizes cutting-edge technology to analyze your sweat composition, providing invaluable insights into your individual hydration needs. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all hydration strategies and hello to a personalized plan designed to optimize your performance.

Learn More About Your Unique Hydration and Fueling Needs

New science of hydration and fueling has shown that people are unique in their hydration in fueling needs. Specifically, the concentration of sodium lost in sweat varies drastically from person to person from 400-2000mg/L. The Advanced Sweat Test finds your Sweat Sodium Concentration and builds a hydration and fueling plan specific to your needs. 

The advanced sweat test happens at rest, as a solution is put onto the skin to stimulate your sweat glands. 

If you’ve ever experienced or would like to prevent these symptoms, consider looking at your hydration plan:

  • Hospitalization due to dehydration or hyponatremia

  • Muscle Cramps

  • Significant reduction in performance in warm or hot weather

  • Failure to finish an event or ride

What you'll come away with from the Hydration and Fueling Consultation

  • Sweat Sodium Concentration from the Precision Hydration Sweat Analyze

  • How to measure your Sweat Rate and use the information

  • Recommended hydration mixes and fueling products for different event durations and weather conditions

  • Other considerations to combat stomach issues, cramping, fatigue and poor performance

Precision Fuel & Hydration PH 1000 Hydration Tablets
PH 1000 is a strong electrolyte drink designed to help you stay hydrated when you're sweating. Dissolve 1 tablet in 16oz of water. - Designed to help you stay hydrated - Typically used by athletes...
Precision Fuel & Hydration PH 1500 Hydration Tablets
PH 1500 is a very strong electrolyte drink designed to help you start hydrated (and stay that way once you're sweating, if you're a heavy/salty sweater). Dissolve 1 tablet in 16oz of water. PH 1500 is...
Precision Fuel & Hydration PH 500 Hydration Tablets
PH 500 is a moderate strength electrolyte drink designed to help you stay hydrated when you're sweating. Dissolve 1 tablet in 16oz of water. - Designed to help you stay hydrated - Typically used b...
Precision Fuel & Hydration PF 30 Gel, 100mg Caffeine
30g of carbohydrate, with 100mg of caffeine for that added kick. Ok, so it's not a Caramel Macchiato. (Try chugging a Caramel Macchiato in race conditions without ending up with third degree burns....
Precision Fuel & Hydration PF 30 Gel
The most efficient way to get 30g of carbohydrate into your system fast. Precision's gels have a very mild, neutral taste reducing flavour fatigue during longer efforts. The texture is designed to ...
Precision Fuel & Hydration PF 30 Energy Drink Mix, 15 Servings
Delivering the critical trifecta of carbs (30g per 16oz), fluids and electrolytes (500mg per 16oz, 1,000mg per 32oz), PF 30 Drink Mix is designed primarily for high intensity efforts lasting ~1-2 hour...

Testing performed by Jacob Rathe, Head Fitter

A native Portlander, Jacob began racing bikes at age 13, leading to a 3rd place in the U23 Paris-Roubaix. During his pro cycling career for Jelly Belly Cycling he struggled with and journeyed back from a very painful Post Iliac Artery Endofibrosis condition before ending his career with a 3rd place at the US PRO National Championship road race.

Today, Jacob rides for fun and helps others improve their cycling experience in his roles as a bike fitter and performance coach. His unique fitting perspective has been honed not just by his successes in cycling, but also from the physical setbacks that are inherent to the experience.

A background in road, gravel, cyclocross, track, touring, and mountain biking give him great insight into fit considerations for different ride styles; all while being mindful of individual capabilities and goals.

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