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Castelli Nanoflex Armwarmer

Castelli Nanoflex Armwarmer
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If there's one failing of most warmers it's that they absorb water like a sponge. On rainy days they end up waterlogged and providing compromised warmth. The Castelli Nanoflex Armwarmers are perfect for riding in conditions that are both cold and wet. Nanoflex is a proprietary Castelli fabric. They begin with with their super-warm and ultra-stretchy Thermoflex fabric, used in many of their winter garments, and then coat the outside with ultra-tiny nanofilaments that cause raindrops to run off the fabric without soaking through. Despite its water-resistant finish, Nanoflex fabric remains highly breathable, keeping you comfortable in almost any conditions.

- Water -resistant Nanoflex fabric
- Same breathability , stretch, and warmth as their standard
- Thermoflex warmers
- Double-sided Silicone grippers keep the warmers in place
- Great in every possible condition