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River City Bicycles Reacharound Fender Brackets

River City Bicycles Reacharound Fender Brackets
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A lot of bikes, particularly performance road bikes, have next-to-no clearance between the wheel and the frame, leaving little space for a traditional fender. So what is a Portlander supposed to do? Hang up the bike 8 months out of the year? Never!

River City Bicycles has designed a workaround – a Reacharound – that allows for split-fender installation on bikes that won’t take a traditional fender. Built exclusively for River City Bicycles, each set of Reacharounds includes three special fender-mounting brackets (two for the back and one for the front).

We also include instructions for splitting and mounting a fender set. If at all possible, have a trustworthy bike mechanic take care of the installation since each bike is different and a perfectly good set of fenders will need to be cut. Your installation may require additional hardware.

Part Numbers

855533003994 210000013362 210000013362