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Shimano SH-R132 Road Shoe
$85.00 $170.00 50% Off
Shimano SH-RC701 Shoe
FULL-FEATURED COMPETITION SHOES OPTIMIZED FOR COMFORT AND PEDALING PERFORMANCE. - Ultra-rigid, lightweight carbon fiber composite sole. - SHIMANO DYNALAST helps to reduce braking loss. - Supple high-density synthetic leather with perforated venting for superior fit. - Dual independent BOA® L6 dials allow quick, micro tension adjustments. - Adjustable powerzone lace guide holds forefoot securely.
Shimano SH-RC902 S-PHYRE Shoes - Wide
Ultimate road competition shoe with supremely engineered fit and optimum power transfer. FEATURES - 360° surround wrapping upper creates a supremely engineered fit for all riders. - Heel cup with anti-twist stabilization secures optimal foot positioning for intense acceleration and high tempo cadences. - Function-specific zones and scientifically optimized upper materials maximize fit and pedaling performance. - Dual low-profile BOA Li2 dials allow quick and precise micro-adjustments. - Integrated seamless midsole and upper construction set a new level of fit, stability and lightweight performance. - Women’s specific last with surround wrapping upper creates a more natural and comfortable fit. - Adjustable powerzone lace guide securely holds forefoot.
Shimano SH-WM64L - Women's
$60.00 $120.00 50% Off
If you’ve been mountain biking for some time, by now you’ve realized just how hard it is to find the perfect trail shoe. It needs to durable and flexible enough for those off-bike moments you are hoofing it. But it also needs to be rigid and light enough to help you transfer the power to the pedals. And on top of that, if you are a lady, it has to fit your smaller foot. The Shimano SH-WM64L Shoes are meant for serious enduro riding and racing. That unusual mix of needing the rigidity in the sole for proper power transfer and the desire to be able to be a little more flexible in the movements makes the SH-WM64L uniquely suited to the rigors of enduro riding. Shimano accomplishes this with what they call their TORBAL torsional midsole design. It allows the rider to flow with the motion of the bike. It essentially provides some sideways flex in the rear section of the sole while the front interface with the pedal remains solid. This results in helping you keep your balance while controlling the bike and never compromising in order to find that perfect line down the trail. The sole of the SH-WM64L accommodates the TORBAL function since it is made from a glass-fiber composite nylon that has been designed to provide the sort of flex you need for running your bike up a gully while not impacting the power transfer of your pedal strokes. This union is reflected in the fact it rates as a five on the rigidity scale that reaches up to twelve. By no means do these feel like flip-flops, but you won’t have sore feet after a day of scrambling on and off the bike on the trails. And once you have had to resort to taking on part of the trail on foot, or while you are hiking your stead up to the next starting station, you will appreciate the excellent grip and traction that the lightweight rubber outsole provides. The treads have been designed to shed dirt and mud, so you won’t ever feel that dreaded slip before sliding down a steep incline because your soles were all gummed up with earth. The uppers for the SH-WM64L have been just as carefully considered. Made from Shimano’s durable synthetic leather, the uppers will mold comfortably to your feet aided by the low-profile micro adjustable ratchet and the off-set Cross X-Straps. The Cross X refers to the fact that of the two hook-and-eye Velcro straps, one opens toward the bike, and one opens away from it. The idea being that you will be able to customize the hold much more effectively with this sort of configuration without cutting off circulation to your toes. Since these are made from the women’s specific last, the SH-WM64L will offer an ideal fit for female riders with a neutral pedaling style. The Shimano SH-WM64L Shoes come in black and are best matched, according to Shimano, with the Shimano PD-M530 and PD-M520 mountain bike pedals, though any two-bolt cleat will fit.
Shimano SH-WR84L - Women's
$100.00 $200.00 50% Off
The Shimano SH-WR84 is a full-featured SPD-SL lightweight performance shoe. It features a special curved, anatomical Dynalast for women's foot anatomy and for natural shoe-to-foot interface. The SH-WR84 also features a ultra-rigid, lightweight carbon fiber composite sole for peak power transfer, a micro-adjust buckle and dual off-set straps for best fit. This adaptable closure system adjusts to various instep heights and shapes. The upper is made of supple, stretch-resistant synthetic leather and has an open mesh for optimal breathability. Surround upper pattern provides the perfect balance of holding power and absolute allday comfort. Shimano recommends the use with PD-6800 pedals.
Shimano RC7 Shoes
Full-featured competition shoes optimized for comfort and pedaling performance. Synthetic Leather Lighter, stronger and more durable than natural leathers Carbon Sole/Mid Sole Carbon fiber composite sole/mid sole Wider Cleat Adjustment Expands range for mounting cleats Heel Stabilizer Improves heel hold - Ultra-rigid, lightweight carbon fiber composite sole - Shimano DYNALAST helps to reduce braking loss - Supple, high-density synthetic leather with perforated venting for superior fit - Dual independent Boa L6 dials allow quick, micro tension adjustments - Adjustable powerzone wire guide holds forefoot securely
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